Covid-19 has made this an unusual year so far. However, we are now planning a breakfast meeting in mid-September, provided that official recommendations allow it. We will share more information on that soon.

You may also be interested in joining a virtual meeting with Dr David Duffy from IBEC – the largest business lobbying organisation in Ireland – on 25th of September at 14.30. Please email the club chairman by August 6th to register.



28th of January, breakfast meeting at Suomalainen Klubi

Guest speaker Vesa Varjonen, Vice President, Research and Technology from Planmeca Ltd., discussed AI in medical (x-ray) imaging.


3rd of October, IBC 30th anniversary

IBC Finland celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Irish Business Club with 52 members and guests. The event began at the National Library with an insightful and wonderfully entertaining talk on the Book of Kells by Dr Jaakko Tahkokallio, after which we had the opportunity to examine the facsimile of the medieval manuscript purchased and donated to the libary by the IBC back in 1990.

The festivities continued at the Irish Embassy Residence, where we had the pleasure to hear from our esteemed guests from Ireland, Chargë d’Affaires Eddie Brannigan and Ambassador Daithí Ó Ceallaigh, who spoke warmly about Finnish-Irish relations and also touched on the impending decision on Brexit. As guests mingled and enjoyed refreshments, the celebrations were also joined by former president Tarja Halonen, an avid supporter of the club over the years.

September 17, meeting at Wärtsilä Head office

Company visit at Wärtsilä’s head office in Ruoholahti where Anu Hämäläinen, VP treasury and financial services and Vesa Mustonen, service manager RPA explained how Wärtsilä has led the way in financial robotics and how it plans to explore robotics potential more within the organization. The visit was hosted by Norma Salmivuori who gave us an overview on current activities of Wärtsilä.

May 21, Lunch meeting at Suomalainen Klubi,

Guest speaker: Ken Dooley, Technology Director of Granlund Oy who presented ”simple examples of how machine learning is used in buildings today”.

March 13, Annual General Meeting at Suomalainen Klubi

Guest speaker:  Author and CEO of AI Strategy Co, Mr Antti Merilehto.  Interesting presentation about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its utilisation in business management. Mr Merilehto has written a book in Finnish ”Tekoäly – matkaopas johtajalle” Artificial Intelligence – guidebook fo leaders.

January 28, Breakfast Meeting at Suomalainen Klubi at 9.00

Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr Timo Soini gave an update on European political situation highlighting the brexit and its effects on Ireland and Finland.



November 29, Visit to Aalto University

Mr Hannu Seristö, External Relations, welcomed the visitors and explained the overall activities of Aalto University and its position among global universities.

Mr Simo Särkkä, Professor in FCAI, Associate Professor in Sensor informations and medical technology gave a presentation about researches and achievements in Artificial Intelligence.

October 2, Breakfast Meeting at Suomalainen Klubi in Helsinki

Opening of the new season and the theme of Artificial Intelligence. The guest speaker Ms Kia Uusitalo, student who represented the new young generation which will need to create the future society with full utilisation of Artificial Intelligence (AI). She explained the key features of AI and gave her own views on how it will affect us in the future. 

June 8, Musical get-together evening in Suomenlinna

Dinner with different whiskey flavors, great music by Jukka Perko and his orchestra arranged together with The Friends of Irish Whiskey. The evening was joined also by the delegation of Minister of State Andrew Doyle T.D. and the Ambassador of Ireland in Finland.

May 23,  Golf Tournament at Vuosaari Golf Course

April 5 -8, IBC Business Summit in Dublin

Business seminar organized together with Finnish Embassy in Ireland, Finnish Business Club in Ireland, Irish Business Club in Finland and Embassy of Ireland in Helsinki covering the topic ”Finland – Ireland potential ramifications of Brexit on trade” . Both Ambassador Jaana Teckenberg and Maeve Collins were present and several high-level speakers attended the seminar including

Minister of State for European Affairs Helen McEntëe, TD

Ms Anne Lanigan, Manager, Brexit Unit, Enterprise Ireland

Ms Susan Spence, Cofounder and Chair of Softco

Dr David Duffy, CEO, Property Industry Ireland, IBEC

Mr Mark Kennedy, Managing Partner, Mazars Group

March 15  Annual General meeting (AGM)

The guest speaker of the meeting was the Minister of State for Health and National Drugs Strategy, Catherine Byrne.

Her presentation dealt with Ireland’s recent project ”Working in Partnership for a Healthy Ireland”. Consequently the topic had interesting confluences with the Finnish “sote” scheme.

February 14, Breakfast Meeting at Suomalainen Klubi In Helsinki

The guest speaker Mr Jan von Gerich, the Chief Analyst of Nordea

He gave an overview about the Finnish and European economic/market outlooks as well as the impact of Brexit on banking system.


January 24, Breakfast Meeting at Suomalainen Klubi in Helsinki

The guest speaker was Minister of State for European Affairs, Ms. Helen McEntee                                                                  

Briefing on latest developments in Ireland


November 9 2017,  Reception to meet the new Ambassador of Ireland H.E. Maeve Collins and other Irish Business Club members 

In the occasion the Shamrock Award was announced and given to the Honorary Consul Mr Erkki Yrjölä for his active role and achievements in developing the business relations between Ireland and Finland for more than 30 years. (more info on the NEWS page)

October 18, Breakfast Meeting 

The guest speaker Deputy Chief of the Finnish Boarder Guard, Ilkka Laitinen, Major General

Theme: Insights on the boarder discussions related to Brexit. Mr Laitinen was the head of European Boarder management Frontex for several years before his current position.

Photo (left to right): The new Ambassador of Ireland H.E. Maeve Collins, Mrs. Tarja Uitti, the Chairman of Irish Business Club Finland and Major General Ilkka Laitinen.

September 21 Breakfast Meeting.

Guest speaker Ms. Teija Tiilikainen,  Director, The Finnish Institute of International Affairs (FIIA). Ms. Tiilikainen dealt extensively with the topics of Brexit process and its impact on EU, Ireland and Finland.

April 25, 2017 Breakfast Meeting. 

Guest speaker: Ambassador of UK Ms. Sarah Price

She explained UK government views and key points of Brexit highlighting the goals and  influence on the UK economy and citizens. The presentation produced a lively discussion about the topic.

March 7, 2017 Annual General Meeting. Guest speaker: Ambassador Colm Ó Floinn presented views about Brexit from the perspective of Ireland

Mrs. Tarja Uitti (center) was elected new chairman of the club. Former chairman Heikki Mairinoja (left), vice-chairman Erkki Yrjölä, Ambassador Colm Ó Floinn and secretary Olli Gerdt (right).

January 18, 2017 Breakfast meeting.  Guest speaker: Ms. Marianne Vikkula, CEO of SLUSH start-up event                                                                                                                          Topic: Background and status the status of Slush events.


Ambassador Colm Ó Floinn (right) and Chairman Heikki Mairinoja


December 14, 2016  Christmas lunch at Restaurant Strindberg

November 18, 2016  Breakfast meeting,  Guest speaker:  Mr. Jukka Moisio, CEO Huhtamäki Oyj

May 19, 2016  Golf Tournament at Vuosaari Golf course

April 28, 2016  Breakfast meeting,  Guest speaker: Dr.Tech. Jukka Lempiäinen,  CEO of European Communications Engineering Oy “. Topic: Digitalization ”.

March 21,2016  Annual general meeting
Guest speaker: Mr Esko Aho, Executive Chairman of the Board in East Office of Finnish Industries, former Prime Minister of Finland (1991-1995), member of Finnish Parliament 20 years (1983-2003).

March 12, 2016  St Patrick’s Ball at Katajanokan Kasino

February 18, Seminar Guest speaker: Dr.Tech. Jukka Lempiäinen,  CEO of European Communications Engineering Oy “. Topic: The seminar was held in association with the Irish-Finnish Parliamentary group at the Little Parliament House


December 18, 2015  Christmas Lunch at Hotel Torni

November 17, 2015  Breakfast meeting  Guest speaker: Mr. Jarno Limnell, Professor, Cyber Security, Aalto University, Department of Communications and Networking. Topic: ” Cyber Security Issues of Current Interest”.

September 22, 2015  Breakfast meeting
Guest speaker: Mr.Pekka Laaksonen, former CEO of Valio, Topic: “Value creation in Dairy Industry”.

March 3, 2015 Annual General Meeting, Guest speaker:  Ambassador Do’nal Denham


January 21, 2014  Breakfast meeting
Guest speaker: Ms. Anne Ronkainen, Country Manager, Google Finland

March 14, 2014  Annual general meeting
Guest speaker: Councellor Mari Neuvonen, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

March 14, 2014  St Patrick’s Ball Astoria Sali

April 23, 2014  Breakfast meeting
Guest speaker: Mr. Juhana Vartiainen, Director General, Government Institute for Economic Research  Topic: Status report of Finnish economy

October 21, 2014  Breakfast meeting
Guest speaker: Mr.Pertti Torstila, former diplomat, retired from The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and later from the position as Head of Finnish Red Cross  Topic: “ The position of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in EU and in the changing world”.

December 11. 2014  Christmas lunch at Hotel Torni


February 8, 2013  Annual general meeting
Guest speaker:  Ambassador Dermot Brangan

April 18, 2013  Breakfast meeting
Guest speaker: General Arto Räty

October 23, 2013  Breakfast meeting
Guest speaker: Ms Martina Arnold from IDA


November 1, 2012  Breakfast meeting  Guest speaker: Mr. Jorma Eloranta,                                                                              Topic: “ Finland`s investment strategy. An action Plan”.

February 14, 2012  Breakfast meeting
Guest speaker: Mr. Timo Luukkainen , CEO of ENSTO Group.                                                                                                              “Business Opportunities in Energy Efficiency “.

March 6, 2012  Annual general meeting
Guest speaker:  Ambassador Dermot Brangan.

June 15, 2012  Summer party
Friends of Irish Whiskey and Irish Business Club.  Dinner at the Suomenlinna Upseerikerho. Whiskey tasting and music under the theme of Ireland and Irish Whiskey.

June 18, 2012  IBC Golf Vuosaari

November 28, 2012  Breakfast meeting
The speaker of the event is MP Eero Lehti. The topic of his speech is “Moral in Politics. Why Working Committee proposals are not implemented?“.

December 20, 2012  Christmas lunch at Torni Hotel


March 8, 2011  Annual general meeting
Guest speaker: Prof. Hannu Seristö, Vice-President, Aalto University

May 19, 2011  Breakfast meeting
Guest speaker:  Mr Sixten Korkman , Managing Director of ETLA, the Economic Research Institute of the Finnish Economy.

December 19, 2011  Christmas lunch at Hotel Torni


February 12, 2010 Annual general meeting
Guest speaker: Mr. Dermont Brangan, the Ambassador of Ireland

May 4, 2010, Breakfast meeting
Guest speaker: Mr. Jussi Pajunen, Mayor of Helsinki

June 9, 2010, IBC Golf Tournament at Vuosaari Golf Club

October 2-5, 2010 Trip to Dublin

November 18, 2010 Breakfast meeting
Mr. Kari Stadig, CEO of Sampo Group

November 25, 2010 Breakfast meeting
Mr. Erkki Liikanen, Chairman of the Board in Bank of Finland


October 12, 2009  Breakfast meeting
Guest speaker: Mr Kimmo Kalela, Director, Forest-Based Sector Technology Platform.
“The Role of Technology Platforms in the EU-Funded Research to Improve the European Industrial Competitiveness

November 13, 2009  Breakfast meeting
Guest speaker: Bishop Teemu Sippo from the Finnich Catholic Church.

December 14, 2009  Breakgfast meeting
Guest speaker: Minister Anni Sinnemäki.
“Ethical principles in the time of recession”.