SHAMROCK AWARD – highly appreciated recognition given to the



Irish Business Club (IBC) has given the Shamrock Award on the 9th of November 2017 to the Honorary Consul Mr Erkki Yrjölä for his active role and achievements in developing the business relations between Ireland and Finland for more than 30 years.

Shamrock Award is given to the persons who have influenced the Irish-Finnish business society in an exceptional way. This award has been given earlier to:

Harri Holkeri                   1998              State Counselor (Northern Ireland Peace negotiator 1998)

Keijo Suila                        1999              CEO Finnair Oyj (direct flights to Dublin)

Daithi O’Ceallaigh           2000              The first Ambassador of Ireland in Helsinki 1993-1998

Anders Ahlqvist               2002              Professor of Old and Middle Irish and Celtic Philology

The National University of Ireland in Galway

Tom Eklund                     2008              Chairman of Finnish Business Club in Dublin

Mr Yrjölä was nominated as the Honorary Consul of Ireland in Finland in 1986 when Finland did not have the resident Embassy of Ireland, which was only established in 1993. He was also one of the three persons who established the Irish Business Club in 1989 to support the networking and business relations between Ireland and Finland. This idea was highly initiated by Erkki Yrjölä but also supported by the Finnish and Irish Foreign ministries. Finland opened a resident Embassy in Dublin the same year headed by Ambassador Osmo Lares.


The new Ambassador of Ireland H.E. Maeve Collins, successor to Colm O Floinn, has presented his credentials to the President of Finland, Sauli Niinistö in October 2017.


September 2015 ISSUE

The new Ambassador of Ireland, Colm Ó Floinn, successor to Dónal Denham, presented his credentials to the President of the Republic of Finland, Sauli Niinistö on 3 September 2015.  He was accompanied at the ceremony by the new Second Secretary of the Embassy, Caoimh Kett, who has replaced Marylee Wall.


Data released 13 March 2014 by the Central Statistics Office (CSO) confirm that the Irish economy contracted slightly (by -0.3 per cent in GDP terms) in 2013. The contraction was largely driven by the impact of the patent cliff in the pharmaceutical sector, which has a large weight in Irish output and exports. Despite the challenging conditions that prevailed in trading partners for the first part of 2013, overall exports continued to grow during the year, and accelerated once again in the final quarter. Investment grew for the first full year since 2007, indicative of a pick-up business confidence.

Gross national product (GNP), which excludes the impact of repatriated profits, expanded strongly, by 4.3 per cent year-on-year. This is reflective of growth in sectors such as agriculture, construction and tourism in 2013. The current account recorded a surplus of 6.6 per cent of GDP in 2013. This is the highest on record and reflective of the considerable competitiveness improvements of recent years.

Commenting on the release, Minister Michael Noonan stated “Today”s numbers show that measured GDP in Ireland fell slightly in 2013. By contrast, labour market conditions are encouraging.  Employment data is a reliable indicator of underlying developments in the economy and figures released a fortnight ago show employment growth of 3.3 per cent year-on-year in the fourth quarter of 2013.

Job creation is the Government’s primary objective and full employment by 2020 is the stated objective in the Medium Term Economic Strategy. In this regard, the fall in unemployment by 3 percentage points over the last two years is welcome and inroads are being made into the unacceptably high level of unemployment

Finally, today’s very successful bond auction by the NTMA, at historically low levels, highlights the significant progress that has being made in recent years and is a vote of confidence in Ireland’s recovery.”
Bond Auction
The NTMA this morning sold 1 billion worth of 10-year bonds, at a yield of 2.967 per cent. This is the first time on record that 10-year bond yields have fallen below 3 per cent and indicates significant financial market confidence in the Irish economy.
A new video “Eire Of Successâ€

A new video “Eire Of Success” has just been released on Youtube.
The aim of the video is to celebrate the wonderful achievements of Irish people all over the world and to inspire young people of Irish heritage that they can also achieve amazing things themselves.

You can view the video clicking on the web-site link below:

Ireland ”the world”s friendliest destination”

Ireland has been voted as the world’s friendliest destination according to a list compiled by the Lonely Planet travel guide.